Wedding Picture's of Joseph Paul and Clara Bell Papineau as well as Clara's parents, William Henry and Hester Smith.


1. Joseph Paul Papineau and Clara Belle Smith.

2. William Henry Smith and Hester Eams.

Joseph Paul Papineau and Clara Belle Smith

How do we get to Joseph and Clara.  Well here is the tree.

Papineau, Joseph Paul [Male] b. 15 JAN 1886 Woodslee , Ontario Canada - d. 14 AUG 1923 Detroit Michigan
Married to Smith, Clara Belle [Female] b. 30 AUG 1887 Schoolcraft Michigan - d. 27 OCT 1968 Howell Michigan - Marriage: 30 APR 1906 Detroit Michigan


Married: April 30, 1906 in Detroit Michigan

JPP.jpg (17855 bytes)Joseph Paul Papineau:

Born January 15, 1886 in Woodslee, Essex, Ontario.  He was 5' 6" tall, with dark hair and dark eyes.  He emigrated to the United States in 1896.   He died died from pneumonia August 14, 1923 at the age of 37.  Joseph could both read and write.  Joseph's Parents were Pierre Papineau and Cyrine Sauvé.

Clara Belle Smith:

Born August 30, 1887 in Schoolcraft Michigan.  She was 5' 2" tall with dark hair and blue eyes.  She died October 27, 1968 in Howell Michigan.  Clara had an 8th grade education and could both read and write.   Clara's parents were William Henry Smith and Hester L. Eams.

Joseph and Clara:

Had 9 children.  Fern, Louella, Marie, Harriet, Margaret, Elinor, Paul, Howard, and Shirley.  Howard being My grandfather and Derik's Great grandfather and the only one of the nine children still living.

Joseph and Clara lived in Detroit until February 1912, when they took their four children (Fern, Louella, Marie and Harriet) and moved back to live near Joseph's family in Walkerville (Windsor), Essex, Ontario.  They lived at 30 Victoria Rd. in Walkerville (Windsor), Ontario, Canada.  There, they had another child: Margaret (October 08, 1914).

In November of 1915, they sent Fern, Louella, and Marie ahead to the United States to live with their Uncle William Alvin Papineau at 1182 Hudson Ave. in Detroit.

In February of 1916, they took the two youngest of the children (Harriet and Margaret) and moved back to Detroit Michigan.  Leaving behind Joseph's Uncle Théophile in Belle River, Essex, Ontario.  When Joseph arrived in Detroit, he brought with him $500 and he took a job as a waiter.  They moved into a rented home at 1477 St. Antoine St. in Detroit. 

When Joseph died in August of 1923, he left behind 9 children.  After Joseph died, Clara was left to raise the children.  Due to the difficult times brought about by the death of Joseph, the older ones did not go past the eighth grade.  Instead they had to help support the family.  One of the daughters Eleanor, a Granddaughter Tillie, and their husbands (who were brothers) brought a bar named the Big Hickory Tavern in Fenton Michigan.  Clara live in little house next to the tavern.   There, she would have a family reunion every labor day.

That's all I have on them now.  But I am still researching.

William Henry Smith and Hester Eams.

Clara's Parents


William Henry Smith: Born January 1859

Hester Eams: Born October 1869

From my cousin Barbara J. Wright: "This came from the 1900 Census of Kalamazoo William and Hester were married 4-24-1887 in Schoolcraft County shows Kalamazoo as birthplace and Wm. as Farmer. Married by a Justice of the Peace Harry W. Smith. This is from the Marriage register. ".

How do we get to William and Hester you ask.