Pictures from the Streetman side of the family tree

Credit for these pictures, and my thanks for sending them to me, go to my Mother-in-law.  She recovered these pictures after her home in Morenci Arizona was badly damaged in a flood about a dozen years ago.

How do we get to the Streetman's (genealogically speaking):


We have two pictures from the archives:

1. The Streetman Brothers.
2. The Streetman Family





Jeff being my son's great, great, great, grandfather and 
Jim being my son's great, great, grandfather.

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Here we have a picture of the entire family.  The only problem is, we haven't identified everyone yet.  But my wife and mother-in-law are working on that.


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Anyone having any more information on any of these people is not only welcome, but encouraged, to share it with me.  I also welcome more pictures of my ancestors from anyone in the family that has any.  Send email to