Ancestors who came from 17th Century France to New France (Quebec, Canada)

According to my research, my first ancestor to use the surname Papineau was my Gx7 Grandfather Jean Baptiste Testard de Folleville dit Papineau.  He was the first generation to be born in Canada.  His parents emegrated from France about 1660.  They cam from two reagions of France:  Rouen, Normandy (about 80 miles NW of Paris, and Bordeaux in Southern France

His father was Charles Testard de Folleville and his mother was Anne Lamarque.  According to Father Archange Godbout, in his 40 page publication Généalogie de La famille Testard de Montigny, Montréal, Beauchemin 1942 (Which you would not believe what I had to do to get a copy of), my Gx8 Grandfather

Testard ou Tètard, sieur de Follevelle, Charles (Jean & Anne Godefroy, s 26-03-1678 Rouen) de St-Vincent, v., ar. Et archev. Rouen, Normandie (Seine-Maritime)


Charles was the second of 6 children born to Jean Testard and Anne Godefroy.  He went by the name of "de Folleville" and his older brother went by the name of  "de La Forest".  According to Father Godbout,

Following the example several other families in Canada, Testard adopted a nickname of locality which remained the patronym of their Canadian line. Thus two sons, born in Normandy, Jean Testard de la Forest (groom in Montreal in 1659) and Charles Testard de Folleville (groom in Montreal in 1666). 

This would lead one to believe that the family was from a region of Normandy about 30 miles west of Rouen.  Charles left France and arrived in Quebéc about 1660.  Here he met and married Anne de Lamarque in 1666.  According to Dictionnaire National des Canadiens Francais (1608-1760), page 1275

Groom:  Testard De Follevelle Charles (Jean et Anne Godfroy de St.-Vincent de Rouen, Normandie)
Bride:  La Marque Anne (Louis et Marie Papineau de Ste-Colombe, diocèse de Bordeaux, Guyenne)
Place and Date:  Montréal 8 février 1666

Anne Lamarque's parents where Louis Lamarque and Marie Papineau.  Again, according to Father Godbout

Charles Testard Sieur de Folleville, born between 1636 and 1641 and married to Montreal, February 8 1666, in Anne Lamarque, 17 years old, girl of Louis, middle-class (bourgeois) man of Bordeaux, domiciled in the parish of Sainte-Colombe, and Marie Papineau.

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